The web is no longer about bad looking 3 page websites. It's not about simple brochure like pages. Today's web is about business. Business with everything and more on the websites. Visitors to a website want interactive, application like abilities and expect up to date information. Today's web requires professional programming and coding to get everything clients expect.

Mind Architecture, located in the Akron / Cleveland Ohio (NEO) area, specializes in working with graphic design and web design professionals.  We will work as the developers for your clients web sites, while working with you. Clients want working, usable web sites that do more for their business and we can provide you with the support needed to deliver what your clients are asking for. Websites need more than great graphics, they need the type of functionality that you get from a programmed web site. Development beyond graphics are what more clients are wanting.

With accomplishments in e-commerce, business to business, intranet, extranet, and many dynamic web sites, we can guarantee a successful project, using the technologies that are needed to create a great project. We have programmed internet and web 2.0 applications on Linux/Apache and Microsoft/IIS servers using PHP and, with and without AJAX, all working with a customized database and easy to use custom content management (CMS) system. Clients we've already worked with include - The Ohio Lottery, SIT Strings, S.A. Comunale, Rutgers University, Americalist, Testa Companies, and Courtesy Auto World.

If you are looking for a dynamic and database driven web app or web 2.0 AJAX app -  like online scheduling, dynamic and updateable content management, file transfer, social networking, bookmarking, online videos, bulletin boards, graphic creation, user managment and password protection security, automated newsletters and emails, or online database manipulation - we can help you.  If you are looking for an e-commerce solution or help with Joomla, Facebook or mobile apps - we can help you. If you need the functionality that programming and deveopment can give you, we can help. Take credit for our way of thinking.